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A great way to get started at Chatham's Original Sushi Bar,


Edamame $5.50

broiled soy bean with sea salt

Deep Fried Dumplings (6Pcs) $6.50

Vegetable Spring Roll (6Pcs) $6.50

Assorted Tempura & (7Pcs) $7.95

Shrimp Tempura (5Pcs) $8.95

Vegetable Tempura (8Pcs) $6.95

Assorted Vegetables

Broccoli Tempura (8Pcs) $6.95

Sweet Potato Tempura (8Pcs) $6.95

Crabmeat Tempura (6Pcs) $6.95

Seafood Tempura $7.95

Chicken Skewers (6Pcs) $7.95

Shrimp Skewers (6Pcs) $7.95

Calamari (12Pcs) $8.95

deep fried and battered Squid

BBQ Beef Short Ribs (8Pcs) $8.95

Chicken Wings (8Pcs) $9.50

Baby Mushroom Beef Rolls (8Pcs) $8.95

Japanese Chicken Cutlet $9.50

Japanese Pork Cutlet $9.50

Sweet & Sour Chicken $9.50

Sashimi Appetizers (8Pcs) $7.95

Sushi Appetizers (7Pcs) $7.95

Golden Crispy French Fries $5.95

Fried Bread $5.95

Sesame Balls (6Pcs) $6.95

Deep Fried Cheese Wontons (6Pcs) $5.95

Spicy Salmon Chips (6Pcs) $4.95

Spicy Crabmeat Chips (6Pcs) $4.95

Deep Fried Scallops $7.95

Fried Banana  $5.95

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